Assorted Conversations

Ep. 34 - The You Do You Conversation

April 20, 2022 Helen & Maureen
Assorted Conversations
Ep. 34 - The You Do You Conversation
Show Notes

Adversity can make you bitter or you can choose to let it make you better.  This week’s guest, Jaimie Shearling, has chosen to make lemonade out of the lemons life has given and she’s added a splash of vodka!

She’s a cancer warrior-turned-entrepreneur helping her sister-breast cancer survivors, she has found acceptance and emotional support through her friends in the Madison Wisconsin drag community and has chronicled her journey of leaning into adversity and coming out stronger with her memoir, “From Queens to Queens:  How the Madison Drag Community Saved My Life”.

Truly an inspiration for anyone handling a rough time, regardless of the circumstances!

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You Do You Sweets Clothing Line

From Queens to Queens: How the Madison Drag Community Saved My Life on Amazon

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