Assorted Conversations

Ep. 8 - The Vintage Sports Car Racer Conversation

September 22, 2021 Helen & Maureen
Assorted Conversations
Ep. 8 - The Vintage Sports Car Racer Conversation
Show Notes

This week, vintage race car enthusiast and owner of Sport and Specialty, John Saccameno, joins us to share how his passion and his work eventually became one in the same.  The saying goes, “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life” and although that may be true on some days, John shares the challenges he faces in spite of the fact his business focuses on the cars he grew up admiring.

John discusses his very first race, how he originally got involved with Sport and Specialty to support his “racing habit” and discusses what he does now as it’s owner to ensure his team continues preserving the art and soul of vintage sports cars for their customers.

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Take a video shop tour and see restoration projects in progress: Sport and Specialty in action

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