Assorted Conversations

Ep. 17 - The Gambling Writer Conversation

November 24, 2021 Helen & Maureen
Assorted Conversations
Ep. 17 - The Gambling Writer Conversation
Show Notes

Blending his journalistic curiosity with a favorite pastime of visiting casinos, this week’s guest, Josh O’Connell is educating casual and avid gamblers on all things casino-related.  Josh’s website, Know Your Slots, focuses on slot education, comps, casino travel and advantage play The site serves many as a valuable educational resource to get the most out of a trip to the casino.

A staunch advocate for responsible gaming, Josh shares his most-published tips for casino budgeting along with ways to maximize reward program perks and comps.  His innate curiosity for how gambling and casinos work has led him down the path of sharing his knowledge to help others make informed decisions and enjoy their casino experiences.  A contributing writer to many online forums and co-author of the book, “Mr. Big Talks Slots”, Josh is an incredible example of using his skill to share information and experiences surrounding his interest in gaming and provides value to the seasoned as well as the novice casino visitor!

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